New WeaverPix theme - SlickSlider

Possibly the most advanced and customisable carousel image slider addon available for RapidWeaver. SlickSlider is built on the popular opensource Slick plugin. You can configure SlickSlider to display one or more images; complete with optional next / previous button and pagination bullets. As you would expect, SlickSlider is fully responsive and can be configured to display or behave differently at different screen sizes. Image titles and written caption content is displayed tidily beneath your images to prevent encroachment onto the actual images being displayed. SlickSlider can run in either manual or automatic mode. Images can be set as links to other pages, resources or external websites. Built-in ‘lazy loading’ support ensures that your completed webpage loads faster and only images that need to be displayed are ever loaded.

Key features

  • Fully responsive, mobile-first rendering across all major web browsers and devices
  • The carousel can run in manual or automatic viewing modes
  • Control how many images are displayed at different screen sizes
  • Toggle next / previous buttons, pagination bullets and caption content on and off
  • Beautifully smooth sliding or fading animation effects harnessing the power of jQuery and CSS3
  • Lazy loading keeps pages loading fast and keeps bandwidth low
  • Support for RTL (right to left); ideal for websites being built in Arabic languages
  • Start the carousel with the first image or another image in the set showing
  • Toggle infinite scrolling on and off (so website visitors cannot navigate beyond the last slide)
  • Use ‘centre mode’ with an odd numbered set of images to show the previous or next images

Further details, a free downloadable demo and a live example is available here.
Requires WeaverPix 3

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