List of GO CMS Questions for and from new users

List of GO CMS Questions for and from new users.

How can I set a Go CMS link to in new tab?
Currently my Go CMS links leave my page.

How can I change the blog date to North American Standard?
For example: Month Day Year

What stacks work best in conjunction with Go CMS?
For example I am using a foundation one column stack to set my margins and padding.

Thanks in advance for your answers, more questions and comments.


To make your links open in a new tab or window, make sure to toggle the External Link button.

The date can only be formatted in the international ISO 8601 format. If possible, we may try and add a date format setting in a future update. No ETA.

Most quality stacks should work fine with Go CMS,

I hope this helps answer your questions. :grin:

Thanks for the ISO 8601 info. For years I have written dates in the format of 20 FEB 2019, as that is universally understood as long as I get the Month name correct in the language I am using.

I tried this morning to put a written date, using the markdown button, in front of the body of my posts and I realized that I do not understand how to enter the markdown.

If you have an explanation of how to enter the markdown I would appreciate it.
I have tried to highlight text and then click the markdown button and I either get a gray box that has markdown example text or a black box that I my curser will not click into.

I always prefer video for examples because that way I learn how to do something without having to ask many repetitive questions.

Thanks In advance, Marty

Hi Mike @yabdab,
Do you have a list of image attributes that are allowed in GO CMS.

I have been trying to design some smaller images to go into the blog posts.

I have been trying to change to B&W and crop in photoshop and when that failed, in preview as well.

Specifically I would like column wide but not tall images that will spice up the text without over-powering or pushing the text down the page.

If there are specific image sizes or forbidden attributes I would like to know what they are.
So far I am getting mostly the small blue box with the ? mark instead of my image.

Thanks Marty

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