(Little) Formatting in Child Directories

I have a site at /coolsite/index.html

So I add some content at: /coolsite/kontent/index.html

The main coolsite index page, alas, is a Wordpress installation because RW doesn’t have a bookstore theme/stack.

The child kontent index page is happily created with RW. Unfortunately, much of the formatting (page title, menus) are missing from this child kontent index page.

I’m guessing that something in RW is looking for this info on the coolsite/index page and not finding it because it’s a Wordpress installation.

Any suggestions? The RW kontent page doesn’t look bad, but it could look better if it carried with it all the original RW formatting.

And yes, I’d love to do everything in RW but there don’t seem to be any options.

RW wouldn’t be able to “pick up” anything from the Wordpress site, and Wordpress would not know anything that’s on the RW page(s).
You would have to recreate things like menus, logos, etc. on both tools.
I would guess you could run the RW page as an iFrame type of page on the Wordpress site, but it’s not a clean way to go. You would need to address that with the Wordpress folks.

It’s always easier to pick a single tool for an entire website if you can.

So how do I get all of the RW formatting into or onto the child page? I’m not trying to bring anything over from the main WP page–the RW site is standalone, but not root.

How are you publishing?
Publish the entire RapidWeaver website to the sub directory you want the page to be.

  1. Publish to local file (It seems 90% of RW forum problems relate to publishing, logging in, etc)
  2. Open Filezilla.
  3. Navigate to remote directory (server).
  4. Make new child folder on remote directory.
  5. Upload all files to remote directory.
  6. Strangely, I get a message that some files exist, which should be impossible. The child directory is empty. Select overwrite.
  7. The page served from the child directory is missing some, but not all, RW formatting.

Don’t know without seeing.
You’re publishing locally, does the page view ok (formatting etc.) when you view the locally published site?
If it does then you’re probably not copying with FileZilla to the correct location.

I found the issue; the mistake was mine. An earlier version of the page used a theme, the uploaded version just used a blank theme, so the missing formatting was from one version to another and not due to some publishing issue. Thank you for your help.

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