Little question to Webyep Organiser

“Moin” everybody!
(means hello in the north of germany) :wink:

Does any of you uses the Webyep Organiser??

I tried to create a demo-site with it but it does not work.
(tried it on different “hoster-accounts” with WY-stacks and Foundation 6 in latest version, WY 2.0 and 2.1, PHP 7.2.x and 7.3.x)

In RW-prewview I can see it, but after uploading I only see the login-Button but can´t use richtext or other stacks with it!

The I had a look on an old organiser-demo-site I created in 2018 where the organiser worked and still is on my ftp-server. There the same: I can´t see/use any input-options.

Does anybody use Webyep Organiser at the monemt? And is it working?
Or ar there maybe generally any problems with it at the moment?

RapidWeaver Edit

RapidWeaver Prewview

Safari online

Small supplement: (17.30)
All other Wy-things seem to work as usual (even Calendar).

If you can contact me through the website with your web URL and some SFTP login details, I can take a look at this for you.

Hi Will.

Thanks for answering and your great offer!!! :slight_smile: :+1:

Some minutes ago I found something out:
It seems to be a problem with PHP an webyep “in generell”.

My old demo from 2018 (maybe yo remember!?) using the old wy- version (1.6 oder 1.7??) does not work on my actual server any more (with PHP 7.2) without having changed something on the files since then.

So I just copied the old demo to another client-server (still using PHP 5.6).
And there it works as before.

Trying to test the “new” files (s seen on the screesnhots above) on the old ftp-server fails because of the missing/wrong right login-stack (and I do not have olds wy-stacks anymore on my mac). :frowning:

So - sorry but it is late here in germany, I will write some more detailed tomorrow.
No I first have to go … :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

Hi together.

Just to give you some final information (in case someone might be interested):

My problem was not immediately apparent, but in the end “relatively small” and Will (and partly Max) helped me very patiently, friendly and quickly! :slight_smile: :wink:
Many thanks again to both of you! :slight_smile:

Since my English is unfortunately not always the best, I can’t describe an exact explanation myself very well. The two real experts are certainly more helpful there. :slight_smile:

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