Live Data connection to google sheets not working on my end

Hi there. I am new to this platform and want to publish a good sheet on the webpage I am building. I read the tutorial and followed the instructions but can’t make it work. I don’t get any errors. The sheet just doesn’t appear in my web site. please help. thanks

Have you made the document ‘Public’?

Yes, I did
I copied the embed link and pasted in a html page and I can see the page. however, I cannot edit

Can you clarify? You can see the sheet on your web page?
You will not be able to edit on the web page only view I believe. Edits have to be done on the google sheet itself.


the location of the sheet is
I thought there was a live data option under the stack app “Live Data”

I can’t even display the page using the app “live data” I’m sure is end user misunderstanding of the use of the application

Are you referring to the live data stack from 1LD?

From their page:

"Change values from anywhere you can access Google Spreadsheets, even from your mobile phone! "

Yes, I am referring to live data stock from 1LD

Same issue but somehow i managed pasting the sheet link FROM THE ADRESS BAR and not as stated in the tutorial (with the publish page thing). Guess Google changed it again? who knows, but it works