Live Preview not working

I was testing Live Preview today in the latest RW7.5 build and noticed that the browser did not reload until I made it the active window. I could be wrong but I don’t think that it behaved like that before.

I also noticed that I was not able to connect to the local web server via my iPhone. I changed the ip address to my Mac obviously but kept the port number. I thought that this worked before as well.

Live preview in 7.5 is working the same way as it in did in previous builds (we believe). e.g. It updates when the browser gets focus.

I’ll be honest we’re not 100% sure that previewing from another device works, none of us have really done this in the past (not that we can remember anyway). However, I can confirm that it currently doesn’t work in 7.5 - we’d need to do further testing to find out if it used to work…

Do you have it working in a previous build of RW? If so, let me know the build number…