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I’ve been using RW since 2009 when I converted to Macs, but 6 month’s ago when I got my 2016 MacBook Pro I did a fresh install of everything, (nightmare finding all the licenses and info), and have been successful at everything except convincing RW to export to the right folder.

No matter what project/site I work on, it wants to export to the previous project’s folder. How do I get it to remember the right folder to export to?

Note: do to slow internet connections, I’ve never been able to use the publish feature. Export and Filezilla work fine for me.

In RW7, you could use the “publish to local folder feature”.

Is the proper folder set in your Publishing Method panel? Or try setting a new one.

Publish (pulldown) > Publishing Setup > Publish to Local Folder

One real flaw to this panel (in my opinion) is that it is not obvious that you can select and name (rename) each “setup” you have. The name is in the darker gray area at the top of each “setup” panel. Thus, you can can actually have multiple local folders defined, each with your own unique name. (Highlight the name in the dark area and edit to your desired name.)

That “flaw” should be fixed. It should be obvious that this is a field which can be edited. I would guess that very few people realize this.

@dan - Perhaps in RW8?


Yup, certainly one to fix for RW8 — will get on this.

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Thanks guys. Even after I started setting those up this morning I didn’t realize that last detail about renaming.

I am eager to see RW8. I bought RW7 two months ago. I can use it, but I think that it could be improved. You should improve the Manual as well. I must confess that I used your big competitor (guess who) for a long time. Best wishes.

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