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Was perusing the locked thread about logging into a specific part of a page but couldn’t find the answer I was looking for.
I’ve rebuilt my site into a 1 page ‘scroller’ and am looking to include a ‘client login’ area.
For this I’m trying to incorporate @joeworkman 's ‘Page Safe’ and @yuzool 's ‘Collect’. I’ve read that the Safe Stack that comes with Page Safe will do this for me but haven’t been able to figure it out.
Though not finished the site is here.

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Sounds like it should work @zamboknee
What is not working for you? I could see the Page Safe page on that link you provided

Did you watch the videos tutorials on the product page? If you search my YouTube channel, you can search there as well.

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Watched the videos. Nothing there that addresses a ‘page safe’/login for an area/stack on the page.
I took the page safe stack off of the page. I’m trying to put in a login feature on the ‘collect’ stack and it only. I don’t want to lock the whole page down.

You can create a centralized PageSafe page that you can link to from any page. Maybe with a Login button?

On that centralized Page Safe page, simply set the “Redirect Back on Login” setting so that the user is redirected back from where they came from after they are logged in.

To use Stack Safe…

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