Logo Icon displayed on the tabs of the browser

(Adriano ) #1

Hello everybody,

I would like my icon to be displayed next to the browser title on the navigation’s tabs.( see picture below)

How can I do that?


(Neil Egginton) #2

You’ll need to a favicon. There’s a nice little free app from Doobox that will help you make all the sizes you need.

(Adriano ) #3

Hello Neil,

thanks for your help.

That was quick and easy to do. How and where can/should I add the flavicon file to the RW project?

(Adriano ) #4

Found it in the General settings :slight_smile:

(Neil Egginton) #5

Glad you got it sorted.

(Adriano ) #6

The flavicon shows on FIrefox, Brave, and Safari, but still not showing on Google Chrome (I tried “Publish all” and I cached the browser’s data ) … Probably it needs a bit of time to show there.

Thank you so much for your support Neil!.


(Neil Egginton) #7

I use Brave for testing Chrome browsers, I won’t have Google Chrome “infect” my system :slight_smile:

I would think it will work soon in Chrome.

(system) #8

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