Logo position - Elite theme?

I have been using CA Lino (with which I have been very happy) for years, but it seems no longer to be supported with RW6.

I have,subsequently, been experimenting with HV Elite, but cannot work-out how to make the logo range to the left, rather than centre. Can someone help please?


(for reference, my current site may be viewed here)

If you put this in the site wide CSS section

margin-left: 0;

it looks like it’ll do the trick.

Note: I can’t type the actual ‘hash’ symbol because the forum thinks I’m using Markdown and formats it!

That’s a big step in the right direction, thanks robbeattie!

Unfortunately, it is still only left of centre and not actually aligned to the full site width. Is it possible that logo container is not full width?

Thanks for your help!

First, your logo needs a bit of cropping - you have approximately 15px of space to the left of the “b.”

The following code seems to have done the trick for me…

#logo {
text-align: left;




That’s done it Dave… thank you so much!
You’re right about the logo, I added some padding for the CA Lino theme. I will need to fiddle around a bit more with Elite to get the details right, but it is starting to look like a workable replacement.

Not sure, incidentally, if you have any tips on why RW6 seems not to connect to any of the themes in the Configuration settings? Under the Master Style tab, it just show the default (Simple Business) theme, with ‘Theme Default’ being the only style option.

Many thanks again!

I don’t know why the themes aren’t showing up- but my hunch is that they didn’t get ported over to the new location that RW6 pulls from. Are all of your stacks available?

In my opinion, @henkvrieselaar is one of the best (and nicest!) theme developers out there. If you run into other obstacles, be sure to mention his name in your post - if one of us don’t beat him to it, I’m sure he’ll respond. You did great by choosing one of his themes!




Dave, thanks for your nice comments and for helping @fortinbras with the right code for the logo position :blush:

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I think it’s coming together quite well now @henkvrieselaar! (I’m still tinkering with the demo version before finally committing… I had become rather used to the CA Lino theme and wanted to be sure before switching permanently).
I’ve also been playing with your Sereno theme (another nice clean, elegant design), but I think the vertical menu probably works less well given how busy my website is.
Thanks for taking such an active interest in your users!

Keith- you probably already know this, but just in case…if you want to be positive that Henk notices any new posts, address him with an ampersand in front of his name. This way, he should be notified that a post mentions him (on the other hand, he’s one of the most active theme developers on the forum…so, he’ll probably see it anyway). I also had a site in Lino for a long time, but moved it to a different one last year. I also have a site that’s in Elite - you can see it here. You’re absolutely right - it’s a nice, clean elegant design (that looks great on any device).

Cheers! Dave

PS. Henk- but of course!!

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Thanks Dave. I didn’t know about the ‘@’ thing, but have edited my post accordingly.
I’m somewhat out of my comfort zone in the world of web design, but am learning. Slowly!
PS: Great work on Oscar’s Upholstery by the way!