Long shot... Three.js for OBJ or GLTF?

Just curious if any stacks devs or weavers ever managed to get Three.js to work in RW to embed an OBJ or GLTF 3D file with success in an HTML stack?

I’m playing around with Three.js and implementing in Tumult Hype, although it is more 1 step forward two steps back process, (so it is more a case of don’t watch this space, I’ll keep battling on) but being able to embed an OBJ or GLTF in a more native sense straight in to a RW page via an HTML stack or dedicated stack would be pretty impressive.

Wondering two things, has anybody had any success with Three.js and second are there any Stack devs thinking about or have any plans for a Three.js stack? It would be pretty groundbreaking for RW capabilities and offerings to be able to embed 3D files.

I noticed Torus Knot stack uses Three.js, so Three.js has made a debut in a RW stack, but being able to embed a model and rotate etc would be awesome.

Yes it does work. I’ve just tested on a test site by building a RW page with Stacks and Foundry and tacking on the example code from one of the folders in the three.js git hub.
The code was pasted into a html stack at the bottom of the foundry page. all worked as expected.

That’s interesting Nick, thanks for that the reply, did you manage to get any responsive scaling at all?

I managed to get some example code in RW that I have ‘hacked’ away at it like a flailing blunt machete and I’ve exported a quick sample OBJ (with plenty of sides to catch the lighting), make background transparent and all worked pretty dandy, but couldn’t for the life of me get it to scale, I got quite disheartened after several hours of tests so…

I’m currently back in Hype as I’m having more success there, I can get a 3D model in and doing what I want, a simple looping rotate, I can then set different responsive layouts in Hype, I just can’t, at the moment, get a MTL texture to add, a UV map texture is fairly fine, but not an OBJ MTL, so that’s where I am at the moment. Still battling on…

I really want to get a rotating OBJ sitting comfortably in an HTML stack and scale with the viewport/window, whether it is embedding Hype or embedded HTML.

Added note since first posted, have got it scaling responsive perfectly in Hype, no need for multiple layouts, Hype I can scale perfectly and embed in RW, just can’t add MTL texture, RW can add but just can’t scale.

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