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Apologies for cross-posting on two forums and for the vague subject title but curious if any of you know of a relatively simple way to do the following:

I help organize a group where we try and get local people to donate to a pool of money and that pool of money gets donated as a lump sum to a charity. We hold these meetings quarterly throughout the year. Some people pay each meeting, some pay for all 4 meetings at once, some come and go as their finances allow.

We’ve had requests to post a list of who has paid for that quarter and who hasn’t but we can’t do that for reasons of privacy/comfort. What I’d like to do is have a search box where someone could type their name in and see if they’re paid up for that quarter or not.

Some extra detail if it helps: we currently accept payments by e-transfer or by Stripe payments on our website. We manage a google spreadsheet of the people who are registered and who are paid.

Any thoughts?

(Edit: as an example, something like this site where you can input your name and see if you’ve won. Mine would be to input your name and see if you’ve paid.
https://winners.foothillshospitalhomelottery.com/ )

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My first thought would br that if anyone can search for anyone, you are back to the same privacy issues as posting a list.

Sitelok lets you have custom fields that may be one way.
How many people are we talking about? if its just a few you could do it with easy/total cms and pagesafe
or a simple database set up and a few lines of php or the EasyDB stacks

(Jason Bostick) #3

There’s currently about 150 registered. The goal is to get 100 paid up for each meeting.

There isn’t necessarily a privacy concern per se (not in a legal sense anyway), it’s more a matter of taste in actively publishing a list of payees. I’m not even sure there’s a ton of added value in having this search, but it was a member request.

I’ve never dug into EasyDB before but maybe I’ll play around with it.

(Stuart Marshall) #4

If it’s in a google spreadsheet anyway you could use something like Grid Iron: https://demo.chillidogsoftware.com/stack/grid-iron/

It can link to google sheets and has a search function. Not sure if there’s a way to not show any data until there has been a search made - though there may be some way to achieve this.

(Jason Bostick) #5

Ah interesting. I see Grid Iron has display options for the table itself. @barchard, would it be possible to not display the table but display search results?

(Doug Bennett) #6

Don’t know never used filter stack. but it might do what you want.

(Gregory Barchard) #7

@jabostick no, but you could:

  1. hide the search field
  2. pre-sort the table using a query string.


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