Looking for a functional calendar

(Craig Feldpausch) #1

Have searched high and low for a compatible calendar that has some functionality behind it, no good luck yet. I am running a current version of RW. Some direction would be nice. Thanks!

(Richard Nicholls) #2

What sort of functionality are you looking for Craig?
Have you seen Calendly? https://calendly.com/ it syncs with a Google Calendar and offers visitors appointment times if that’s something you need.
Best of all, it’s free for a basic user.


(Craig Feldpausch) #3

I am looking for a calendar to incorporate with my Rwanda site(s). One that offers some customization options that is stable.

(Craig Feldpausch) #4

That incorporates with my RW site(s)

(Gavin Dudeney) #5

This popped up recently…



(Craig Feldpausch) #6

Thank you very much. The events calendar is already up and running. I sure am glad I asked. EVERYONE have a great day!