Looking for a paypal stack

(Bruce Kieffer) #21

I’m not using Cart yet, but I intent to in the future. The issues you’ve encountered concern me as well. I will be waiting for answers before I proceed and purchase Cart. There’s no demo version of Cart, and that is too bad. If there were, I’d be able to test it and see how it works.

(Neil Smith) #22

Hi Bruce,
I was hoping for a demo version.
I’m very happy with it so far its easy to use and just what I wanted, its just these couple of glitches that I need to sort out and I don’t think its fare to rely on people on this forum to find the answers.
I just hope someone can help me and that I get a reply from yuzoolthemes.
I’m stuck now as I’ve tried everything I know to try and get it to work.
Have a look if you want.www.wheeltappersdccsounds.co.uk go to index and British steam locomotives and it lists the type of locomotive. 8F and 9F are the only ones so far that are live for testing but be careful as you will be charged but you can get to paypal and cancel but it not clearing the cart when it returns as if you go back to 8F or 9F and look at the cart its not cleared.

(Neil Smith) #23

Hi Rob,
Still haven’t resolved my issue with the paypal not clearing.
I had a look at your site to see if I could pick up on anything.
What I found was that if I buy your album then go to paypal and then cancel it takes me back to a site called Yoursite.com
If I then go back to your site and buy again there are 2 items in the cart.
So I’m not sure whats going on but looks like its not clearing either.
I hope I haven’t thrown a spanner in the works.
On the other hand how many people cancel and you only have one item to sell so after they have bought it OK then there is no need to order again.
I’m just wondering if I’m asking it to do something its not designed to do.

(Rob Beattie) #24

You’re right. That’s obviously just me being lazy.

I’ll ask Michael if he’s aware of the issue and see what he says.

Meantime I’m going to create a new page that says 'Sorry you didn’t decide to buy the CD after all. To cancel your order completely, please return to the Shop, open your cart and remove the CD from there. Thanks!"

A fudge but it’s better than nothing.

(Neil Smith) #25

Hi Rob,
That page with the ‘Sorry you did not buy’ and telling them to empty the cart is a good idea.
Who is Michael?
I’m still waiting for a reply back from yuzoolthemes, sent them 3 emails but still waiting.

(Rob Beattie) #26

Michael is the guy who runs Yuzool. I’ll let you know what he says. It could simply be a Paypal thing that the stack can’t influence as it were, but that Cancel page covers your back and is useful to visitors.


(Neil Smith) #27

Thanks Rob,
I’d wish he’d answer my emails I’ve sent him.

(Neil Smith) #28

Hi Rob,
It also does not clear if you buy something.
As I have several pages with items for sale on each page, if you buy one form 2 or 3 pages it will add to the cart but after payment if you go back in the cart they are still there and sometimes there are extra ones.
Could do with sorting as I’m stuck and trying to do a work around.

(Rob Beattie) #29

Ouch. That’s not good.

I wonder if it’s some kind of cookie-related thing? Here’s hoping that @yuzool sees this and chimes in.

(Neil Smith) #30

Yea thats what I thought.
Thanks anyway.

(Michael Frankland) #31

@robbeattie & @wheeltappersdccsound

Seen the forum post just today, thanks for that

It should be happening… sorry
On the return to / cancel page (or thank you page) add the Cart Return Stack to the bottom of that page

Just tested and should be working

Let me know,

(Michael Frankland) #32

@everyone in this post
This is how to do fixed shipping for multiple items:

(Michael Frankland) #33

@robbeattie @wheeltappersdccsound

The return cart clear cache scenario should be fixed - please start your Sparkle update engines in about an hour to get it


(Neil Smith) #34

Stuarts fixed mine not sure on this ‘sparkle update’?

(Michael Frankland) #35

Thanks - yes yours is fixed :slight_smile:
This will auto fix for everyone else also - the “check for updates” from within Stacks

(Steve Harratt) #36

Hi There

Is there a demo version of Cart.



(Joe Martin) #37

The theme you are using is like 10 years old.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #38

Who are you referring to?

(Joe Martin) #39

just his sample…sorry

Joe Martin


(Jannis from inStacks Software) #40

A bit more detail please.