Looking for a Product Catalog/Gallery Solution…

Hello. I am trying to figure out the best way to present our inventory of antique furniture. Some considerations:

  • Currently have ±150 pieces which will eventually grow to 300-400+, I would imagine.
  • Need Pix + Text. I want to present a particular piece with up to, say, 10 thumbnails alongside its description (several paragraphs of text).
  • Do not want an ecommerce solution, as we actually do not want to display prices (description will have “please contact us for pricing information” blurb).
  • Should I be concerned about page loading times, with this many pix? (My understanding is warehousing makes the workflow too cumbersome).
  • Also concerned with having least-painful workflow in terms of creating “listings”
  • Anything else I should worry about?

Any ideas? Many thanks!

There are a number of great gallery stacks available. With that many pictures I would definitely consider warehousing. I’m assuming that the pieces would change (hopefully quite often) as they sell.
Don’t know what layout you’re considering but my gut would lean to something like poster stack from instacks
It plays well with galleries including his own.

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Will give Poster Stack a look. Thanks!

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