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(Stephen) #1

Hi there,

I am reposting this (originally posted in Feb.) with some additional info, as I am now able to better define what I’m looking for… Specifically, I would like to construct a product catalog to present our inventory of antique furniture which looks like this page, which is accessed from this gallery of thumbnails. I like this page, as the thumbnails zoom on hover; and, when a thumbnail is clicked, it presents a lightbox.

Other Considerations:

  • Currently have ±150 pieces which will eventually grow to 300-400+.
  • Need Pix + Text. I want to present a particular piece with up to, say, 10 thumbnails alongside its description (several paragraphs of text). This will add up to several thousand pix in total.
  • Do not want an ecommerce solution, as we actually do not want to display prices (description will have “please contact us for pricing information” blurb).
  • Should I be concerned about page loading times, with this many pix? (My understanding is warehousing makes the workflow too cumbersome).
  • Also concerned with having least-painful workflow in terms of creating “listings”

Ideas and comments would be valued.

Thank you!

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

This is a perfect case for Total CMS and the blog function. You can easily filter content based on tags and categories. I wish I would have some examples to show, but I do more support than I do make websites now. Still think this is your best solution to use, as you can easily add and remove content anywhere in the world.

(scott williams) #3

Agree, TotalCms is the solution for this.

(Michael Frankland) #4

Here is an example of a Catalogue with Poster + Cart:

(Paul Russam) #5

Another vote for TotalCMS here, I use the blog to store individual architectural projects for a practice, each project has many images and descriptive text.
What I like most about TotalCMS is that I/others can add, delete, edit projects within a browser from any computer.

(Davide) #6

Hi, I built something extremely similar to what you need for an art gallery few months ago. Here is the final result https://www.republik52.com/catalogo/catalogo-en-linea/

It’s in spanish but you get the idea, it’s completely built with TotalCMS, very powerful set of stacks. Get in contact with me for any suggestion you may need.

(Rob Beattie) #7

That is really clever. Nice one!

I wonder if @joeworkman could add the ability to integrate a simple cart system that worked with PayPal/Stripe into TCMS? Then you’d have an online shop that clients can update entirely from a web browser.


(Joe Workman) #8

That is the plan… :slight_smile:

(Joost Gravendeel) #9

Sweet! Please do not forget support for Mollie, as it supports iDeal. The biggest payment system in the Netherlands.

(robertreinink) #10

+1 for iDeal in the Netherlands

(system) #11

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