Looking for a scroll effect similar to dot matrix that I can put in a stack to move across the top of my screen

(gary pullings) #1

does any one know of a scrolling stack similar to dot matrix that I can use to put a stack in?

(Paul Russam) #2


(Dave Farrants) #3


(gary pullings) #4

does this require foundation? I know a lot of big white duck products do.

(gary pullings) #5


I already have dot matrix but I can’t put stacks in it.

(Jason Bostick) #6

So you want the stack itself to repeatedly scroll across the screen?

(gary pullings) #7

Yes just like dot-matrix does with words, but I want to be able to drop a stack into it with pictures and text.

(Jason Bostick) #8

I wonder if one of the animation stacks would work. I know the foundation animate stack has an option to repeat animations so, theoretically, you could animate in from the left and animate our to the right, then set it to repeat.

I’m not sure about the other animation stacks out there, if you’re not using foundation. (Animagic by Elixir maybe?)

It wouldn’t necessarily be all that smooth of a scroll, though…

(Andrew Tavernor) #9

actually 29.16% of them require foundation :slight_smile:

(Rob D) #10

How about Stack Slider from Will Woodgate?