Introducing the new DotMatrix stack (free)

This stack creates a simple text-scrolling marquee effect that you can use in webpages to display important messages to your website users. Free to download, really simple to setup, and several customisable settings to make it look like your own.

Read more on the Stacks4Stacks blog about the purpose of the DotMatrix stack and why it was developed.

Download the DotMatrix stack from the Stacks4Stacks website and view its documentation.


A neat way to make an announcement stand out. Thanks Will!

Thanks for the feedback! :wink:

Tank you, cool stack

Appreciated and many thanks Will, it’ll work well on one of my sites that has constant new updates!

Nice little freebie. Thanks Will.

Very nice! For clients without RW, a method for updating the displayed message external of RW would be great.

That’s already supported.

  1. Use the custom classes option in the stack and wire-up your favourite free CMS like Cushy or Surreal. Then clients can login remotely (without needing RapidWeaver) to change the content of the DotMatrix stack.


  1. Set the content type to Stacks and try any one of the dozen or more CMS stacks already available on the market (e.g. DropCMS). DotMatrix will attempt to scroll whatever stacks are nested inside of itself.
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Sweet, so this would be easy to use with Joe’s Easy CMS or Total CMS! Great job thinking about the CMS stacks out there!!

Thank you for the super stack- tool.
The old marquée code was obsolet :wink:
But without stacks, there is a new better code?

I’m unaware of any replacement to the old HTML < marquee> tags or solutions for outside of Stacks page types.

Following the demise of marquees it seems most websites (still wanting to deploy one) used Javascript effects instead. But the Javascript plugins I found for marquees were neither easy to setup or elegant in their function. Common problems included:

  • Limited support for different content types, like Markdown, basic HTML or links
  • No option to pause the slider on mouseover
  • Limits on the maximum width of content supported
  • Poor (or in many cases zero) responsive support or screen resizing bugs
  • Very rough / jittery animation effects on iOS / Android
  • Content missing when you came to print or PDF a page
  • Having to write your content into Javascript code and escape special characters

The nicest newsticker / marquee script I could find was built on the MooTools JS Library some years back. IE 11 / Edge support was questionable, according to some of the comments. I don’t have much MooTools knowledge and I believe MooTools support got removed in Stacks 3. So that effectively ruled-that out as an option. CSS animations are far more appropriate for this sort of thing in my opinion, and fairly sophisticated in what they can be coded to do - if you like messing around with code and hacking things together! :wink:

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Much appreciated. Thanks Will! :smile:

Hello Will
Thanks for the explanations.
I have searched a lot for corresponding code, but has not really find it.
Now I’m going to keep looking, because I like to play around with code :wink:

Why it does not work in Safari?
Does it have something to do with flash?
I have this plug-in no longer safari.

@macorooni, @willwood

Does not work in all stacks pages, depends on theme and placement. For instance, in the Majestic Theme, it works properly only when outside an EC area. Inside an EC area, the dot-matrix font, colouring, flashing lights don’t work.

So, be careful on placement of this stack in your Theme.

Otherwise, it works great as advertised!


Okay thanks,
But it’s weird if I do a preview in firefox or google chrome, it works perfectly?

Like I said, it depends on the Theme being used, the placement of the stack…

The stack itself works as advertised for me on Safari in the body area of Majestic Theme but not an EC area of the same theme.

Each browser handles things a little differently so without seeing where you have the stack placed on the page (in edit mode) or knowing what version of RW/Stacks/OSX you are using, troubleshooting is tough at best :slightly_smiling:

It might even just be a cache issue for Safari, have you tried clearing the cache?


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Great stack, thanks so much for it. Good work 10/10.

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That is so cool, thank you @willwood

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Great timing. I’ve just completed a redesign and rebranding of a site for my daughter and this has allowed me to place a message by way of explanation for anybody who may think they’ve arrived at the wrong site. Thank you.

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