Looking for a stack that will display content based on keywords

Looking for a stack that will (dynamically) display content based on keywords of existing pages. ie: I want to dynamically create lists of available web pages that contain the user selected keyword.

Where should the keywords be displayed, in which form, and how should the list look like.

Sounds a bit to me like a blog.

No no no to the blog… Ha… I just converted my 800+ page RW blog to stacks pages. No, I do not want a blog. Ideally the keywords would come from a custom meta tag on each page. I scripted this myself once (using php) and it worked nicely but it consisted of only about two dozen “category” keywords so I’m not sure if this would be to slow for an 800 page library of pages?

I had a text file which consisted of the keywords and page url. The live web page php would take user input (a click on a category) and do a keyword lookup on the text file to retrieve the url. The script would then dynamically create a link list of the url’s based on the keyword.

So for this stack to work a stand alone php utility would have to run against all pages grabbing the keywords from the custom meta tag and also grabbing the url to build the text file. Then the live runtime script would simply read the file, check for matching keyword, and then build and display the list.

It works very much like indexing a site for a search, except you are indexing a site for keywords found in the custom meta tag. Then instead of running a live “search” you are running a live “list all pages with given the keyword.”

Perhaps I will try this myself in php again but I was hoping there was something existing that would create page lists based on visitor selected info…

But you are right that in the end this function is working much like a blog in that the visitor can select categories, but I don’t want a blog. I want the flexibility of using any type of RW page.

And I’m sure I’ve thoroughly confused you by now… I confused myself! :slight_smile:

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