Looking for a stack to download a file after filling a form o receiving a password


I´m looking for a stack that will allow me do the the following:

Users on line that need to download a pdf file have to fill a form giving their e-mial address (just for Database) and after filling the form thay can download the file or send them the file automatically by mail…

It would also be good for me to know if there is any kind of plug that control downloads with a password sent after filling the form.

Thank you!!



I’ve just started using FileSafe for a similar purpose.

Thank you Mark for your fast response!!

I´ve checked the stack but do people have to give their info to download the file?? Dodn´t find it anywhere…

Thank you!!


Still experimenting with it :slight_smile: but I can say that anything by SeyDesign/NimbleHost is good.

From what I can see, you can set the Download Type to ‘Form Style’ and there collect information from users, some of it required.

Thank you very much Mark!!