Looking for a theme "Split" by Yuzool themes

The title says it all - Ive searched everywhere… maybe just a brain fart, but I’m not seeing it

It comes built into RW 6. I think it also comes with RW 7. Look in manage add-ons.

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This is what I have, does that look familiar to anyone else ?

Yes it’s built-in

“Open a new project” and select Split from the opening screen:

It’s also in the theme drawer to select in a new project

Don’t worry too much about the “manage addons”:

Try the project and theme drawer first :slight_smile:

unfortunately my theme drawer show this for the split theme ???

Can you open the new project as mentioned?:

Default theme is the one you have?

Is that theme pre-RW6? There could be a plist conflict…

I think it is pre-RW6; I have no idea how to fix this. It will open but in some abortion of a theme and not yours:(

When you right click the theme does it have options to “show in Finder” and “delete theme”?


Hey Doug ! That did the trick! I was able to delete it & upon a restart of RW - the correct Split theme from YUZOOL appeared. Thanks so much :slight_smile: