Looking for a theme that can do this

I’m particularly interested in the way other images are revealed as you scroll down (behind the main scrolling). This happens four times in the scrolling down.
On the third time, just above ‘Our Patron’ different images are scrolled from left to right (not sure what the technical term for this is).

Any themes that anyone can recommend that can do all this, with a resonable amount of ease as I’m a relative newbie to using RW?

I was wondering if Nick Cate’s Depth theme could do all this, but any other recommendations would be very welcome…

And can Foundation or Foundry do all this (though I’m wondering if those two might take a lot of work to make this happen)?

Nick Cates will do and more. His Depth / Sections produce really nice panels on the page . The learning curve is ok once you learn where everything is ( but that’s the same for most systems ) All the benefits of a theme but without the constraints.

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Ok great, thank you.

The page you gave as an example uses CSS “background-attachment: fixed” to achieve the "scrolling effect. That is simple but isn’t supported on mobile devices. There are other ways you can use that are supported to produce a similar effect often called “Parallax” scrolling with javascript. There are a number of stacks and probably some themes that offer that effect.
some searxh results:

That’s often called a Carousel or slide show, again tons of options to get that effect.



I would like to point you to my newly released Platform framework :sunglasses:

It provides a dedicated Parallax stack as well as a Hero, Section and Footer stack which all do exactly what you like. The results are really easy to achieve!
The home page provides in-depth documentation to all of the stacks included, plus there are ready-made projects in order to hit the ground running. I also have quite a few videos available on the site.

Platform is currently available at a 50% introductory discount. So if you don’t mind using Stacks, head over to

Best regards,


Hi Juergen
Is there a Platform theme included, or do you use this with any theme?
I notice there isn’t a header stack in the collection - how do you create headers?

Thank you, Doug - really helpful info!

Hi Tim,

there is also a Theme included. It is actually a “blank” theme like the one included in Foundation or Foundry - same principle. You can download it here, and experiment with the standard stacks included in the Stacks add-on :smile:

There is a stack for headers, it is called “Title” though. If you are looking for a navigation bar, this is also included and called “PowerBar” :chocolate_bar:

There is a playlist on YouTube which you can check out: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL51e41nwo4esy5SM3hOjDJq9PILq1D_Fx


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Thanks Juergen, that’s very helpful!
I will check out the playlist too.

Hi Juergen, I’ve been watching your videos which I think are very good - you explain things well, and I appreciate the work that goes into making them.
Just one thing though is that I find the background music on the videos distracting. I’d prefer videos without any music since I find it easier to focus on what you’re saying.

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Thanks, Tim! I greatly appreciate your feedback. It’s good to know what you think about the videos, that helps me to improve.

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You’re welcome, Juergen, thanks for listening!
btw, do you think you might do a video tutorial for Parallax sometime?
also, does Platform work with Rapidcart Pro?

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