Looking for a clean theme

Good day! I am looking for a theme that would look similar to JamesClear.com and retain as much functionality as possible for the supporting pages. i.e. related post, recent post, automatic menu creation, breadcrumbs, etc.

NOTE: please look at the articles landing page and an actual article. They are very clean and noise free.

Thanks for the help!

It’s been a very long time since I last looked at themes, but I’d suspect @willwood has something suitable at https://themeflood.com/ Wills themes tend to be pretty clean in design.

Or, if you are familiar with them, or fancy learning, you could replicate that site perfectly in one of the frameworks. Source is free and a good place to start, Foundry isn’t free but as close to a drag and drop framework as you’d get without having to worry too much things going wrong. UIkit3 could copy it perfectly, but of all the frameworks (perhaps with the exception of F6 which I’ve not yet used) it’s more complex than the others. More powerful too, with a lot more user control, but for sure more complex to get going with.


The flood theme by Will is the stuff of legends. Its timeless, flexible and extremely clean.

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Maybe https://instacks.github.io/blankstrap

In detail for the blog: https://instacks.github.io/blankstrap/rwexamples/blog/

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