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Hi I’m new coming from Muse, I want create this MuseThemes | MediaPro Gallery Widget Uniform

is this possible? ive so far come across these:

They are very nice but don’t have the filtering ie, All, Portraits, Wedding, Movies, Trailers etc,

Any help would be appreciated, please recomend, other stacks or themes?



The Photos stack from Nick Cates might fit your needs:

I can’t remember if it offers filtering, but it is a beautiful gallery stack.

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Here is one of my gallery site

it was developed using Gallery Stack from inStacks Software -

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How about this one:

thanks Jabostick!!, thats what i was looking for, but not sure how one would integrate this with a gallery, will investigate.

video gallery, …hmm

I think you just add the images right in the Filter stack. It comes built-in with a lightbox effect. (I’m going off memory a bit here though - not at my Rapidweaver comp)

what I would actually like is images that open a video in a lightbox…

@NickCates also has a video stack that does this.

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With ProGallery, you can easily setup a simple grid of thumbnail images, with the lightbox disabled.

Set each of these thumbnail images as a category link down-to sub pages that display your galleries. Your sitemap would be structured something like this:

  • Thumbnail Page
    – Portraits
    – Wedding
    – Movies
    – Trailers

Those subpages can continue to use lightboxed images, titles, captions and other things.

A significant benefit of this system is that it would be very good for SEO and you can display complimentary written content or other content alongside each ‘collection’ of images. It could make for a more simplified and engaging presentation of your images.

Another option you have is to place multiple ProGallery stacks on a single webpage (sorted by category). Place a TOC (table of contents) towards the top or in a sidebar, so the user can ‘jump’ straight to a particular set of images to view.

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just had a look, can’t see a gallery lightbox with filtering thumbnails,…


Thanks Will, will investigate, but sofar im going to see is i can integrate BWD limelight with Yabdab filter, …dont know what im doing but i will give it a go…

Or try the demos of Filter + TopBox.

Thanks Will, TopBox did it, but even better Doobox Video Plus ads a cool thumbnail, and a wipe effect… :wink:

Thanks Adam :blush:

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if you need of a filter the right solution for you is the stack Filter by Yabdab, here alla demos.
Or Phantom stack by 1LD. Look well, in the demos, there is a possibility to use buttons for filtering the contents.

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