Looking for a Visual Product Customizer

I’m looking for a “Visual Product Customizer” stack or external application to integrate with Rapidweaver. Under VPC I understand functionality to visually assemble a product and get an image of the assembled product. Anyone any idea ?

What is your overall goal?

Does it have to be done within Rapidweaver? There are of course, several stacks that let you change the picture, or in your case the product view. (I assume you want to have a way for visitors to see a product in blue, or orange, or unassembled and then assembled, etc.)

I think maybe a good way to go is to make the various pictures and put them in a stack that changes pictures.

The objective is to build a B2C eCommerce site where the client can customize his product with the desired options and see the result in an interactive way. The following link gives a pretty good idea of what I’m looking to build in Rapidweaver: http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-visual-products-configurator/full_screen_preview/9058551
While configuring, the price updates based on the chosen options and at the end the client has the possibility to order his design.

I prefer to build it in RapidWeaver but an external application is also an option I would consider. I would also like to integrate it with eCommerce functionality like for example RapidCart Pro. The functionality of the configurator I’m looking for is like in the following example: http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-visual-products-configurator/full_screen_preview/9058551 . The price is updated depending on the options chosen.