Album - New RapidWeaver Stack by Weavium! : ]

Introducing ALBUM - The latest stack from Weavium!

Album is an incredible stack for creating condensed image album covers that expand into full-page galleries with light-box functionality~ Album is a neat stack for compressing long, slow photo galleries into beautiful looking albums that can load in the background and then be expanded later!

Get it on sale now for 25% off (Just $11.24) using the follow discount code:


Check it out!

We specifically developed Album for people who want to display light-box photo galleries on their RapidWeaver site, but don’t want to have the gallery taking up so much space. Album is stunning, easy to setup, and most of all a super unique and useful way to display photos.

We’ve put many hours of hard work into creating the stack, making sure animations are smooth, and creating some killer examples for everyone to use! : ]

Learn more here:


You are delivering some great stacks: Flex, View More, Icon Menu (to name a few) and now Album, another instant purchase for me. Looking forward to your next reveal!


Great product Weavium - you are certainly lobbing out some good stuff.
For the BRITS - now that the ÂŁ is back above 1.40 to the dollar the real cost with the discount above is only ÂŁ8.24


@rolisize Thank you very much : )

We are hard at work coming up with ideas, developing, and designing. We hope to produce many more great stacks~

@kpryce1 Thanks for the kind words.

We will definitely consider giving a bigger discount on our next initial release deal! : )

@weavium I know one can add image URLs (warehousing) for a single image. Is it possible, or could it be added, that folks could use a URL for a set of images? That means I could easily add/delete images in the future via FTP.

As an example, I might create a folder named:

  • 2018 images

And within that folder I would have sub-folders:

  • Greece
  • Rome
  • Dogs

It would be great to simply point to the 2018images/dogs folder for one album, and so on for the other 2 albums.

From the tutorial it does not seem this is possible. Perhaps in the future?


@Mathew That’s not a bad idea actually. I can imagine how something like this might be implemented. It would have be be a folder of just images for it to work properly though. We will look into it!

Thanks for the suggestion~


This again was an instant purchase. Keep up the good and solid work!
(seen that the Weavium website issue with live preview on mobile is also sorted)

I have seen an interesting question on the other forum that is intriguing me.

  • Will it work with Joe’s TCMS -

Would love to know.

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@Robert-Reinink Thanks Robert!

Also a great question, What would you guys suggest is the best way to connect Album to Total CMS? Possibly including a simple drag and drop section for adding the gallery images?

Please let us know and we will try to get this sorted~



Thanks for considering this. Easy to make relevant folders only contain images.

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Your album stack looks interesting.

Can we have a unique url for each photo?

As an example can I email a product photo from the album with a unique url to a customer?

Thank you!

PS Your website support was hard to use I couldn’t find your email address and your support box for experiments created a blank box.

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Great question~

As for right now, unique URLs is not a feature of the Album stack. But we will definitely look into this to see if it is a possible addition to make. We are working on updates now for the next version.

Also, thanks for letting us know about the support box. Their may be a typo in the link for that particular support section.


Thank you for the fast reply.

Looking forward to the unique URL feature!

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… if you want to use FTP-folders for your images have a look at “Gallery 3” from “Instacks”!
It works with FTP.

(I just test it with an FTP-folder an Joe Workmanns “Dispatch Server”-stack for a an album at a wedding {in july} where guest can upload self-taken smartphone-photos. The only probelm I have at the moment is the “wrong and not automatically” turning of uploaded smartphone-pictures on PC/Mac-browsers; on tablets and smartphones it works. “Instacks” wrote that this is not a problem from the gallery-stack but a gerenal problem with “desktop-browsers” and the missing option of “Screen Orientation”.)


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