Looking for this function in an e-commerce application

Been a Rapidweaver fan since version 3! Finally decided to take the plunge into e-commerce and was wondering of the more experienced gurus can help me out.

I am trying to find an e-commerce application that allows me to specifiy a minimum order quantity. Say, for example, that i sell widgets for 5.00$ a piece, but that they come in a minimum of two (hence 10.00$ minimum order).

Does anyone have a similar situation? I’ve contacted the nice people at Cartloom, but they’ve replied that this is not currently possible with their application.

Thanks for your help! I’ll post a link once my site is up and running!


@pmlarocque , If I have understood your requirement correctly then wouldn’t it be easier to just bundle them up and sell them as one bundle of 2 ,3, 4 …items per bundle whatever as per your wish …instead of the cart to take care of the min order quantity. ??

Thanks for the reply Rajat! I looked into the bundle feature but it doesn’t exactly cover the situation that i am looking resolve with an e-commerce application. The products that i am looking at selling on-line have a low price point, so a minimum order has the advantage of simplifying shipping rates and offer a better quality product to my client.

I am pretty confident that there must be something out there that fills my need, but the wide range of possibilities with Rapidweaver is very bewildering to an e-commerce newbie like me! lol!


RapidCart Pro will support a minimum purchase threshold in next updates.
In the meantime you can use a fictional $5 handling cost for orders below $5 or set some shipping rules.

Thanks for the reply rob! I considered the handling fee, but was quick to dismiss it. Maybe it needs to be re-visited…