Looking to Template 1 or similar

Hi I like this one page template https://webdeersign.com/templates/tp1demo1/ done by webdeersign. Unfortunately it’s not offered anymore. Where can I find a similar template. It has this static background with moving sction over which is similar to wix generated pages. Thanks

Template1 is a non Foundation version of Project 1, i.e. Template 1 does not require Foundation and Project 1 does require Foundation. Project 1 is certainly available and really popular.

The effect you are referring to, is achieved by just making the background image to be fixed and all of the templates and projects can achieve this with ease.

If you want to send me a link to the type of Mix site you refer you, I can have a look and match up the closest template for you.

Thanks for quick response. I don’t have a particular site in mind. I like one page theme with solid back grounds for each sections. With contact form at the end of page. It’s going to be for a flooring company

something like this http://www.templatemonsterpreview.com/65644.html

In overall layout Template 4 covers the main elements and layouts - TEMPLATE 4

There are some complex hover effects in that site and most of those are covered in Project 11 - Project 11 and also Project 6 - PROJECT 6

I have never see a slider similar to the one used at the top of the home page of your example but any full width slider could be used as an alternative.

Thanks. I like project 11. That’s the concept I like, static background pictures in different sections. However as much as the wavy edges are artistic but I want something straight. Thanks

Then you just remove the wavy edges to reveal a nice horizontal straight edge. That’s one of the great things about Projects. Sometimes you just have to remove stuff to get what you want.


Is this SEO friendly, dose it fast loading?
How can I buy it? also can a contact form added to the bottom of first page? I

Is it SEO friendly?
It is a standard RW project with all of the standard places where you would add your own titles, descriptions etc and of course your text content.

Of course it loads fast but if you add your images you would need to follow good practice to keep this images with normal good practice sizes.

You can buy Project 11 here at https://www.webdeersign.com/projects/pr11/ and I suggest you have a good look to make sure to is what you want and you meet the requirements.

Note that you need either Foundry or Foundation and both have a contact form that you could add to the bottom of a page.

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Thanks, I also plan to use project 1 as well, which addons works with both? I use RW 7.4

Hi, I downloaded project, and all required sracks/addons. I open RW 7 , but can’t seems to find the project to load it

I loaded all files when I open project 11, I see this in edit mode, and in preview I see nothing in none of pages

" This stack is not currently loaded" but dose not say which stack? I can see all in addons.

I did everything stil not able to load it. I reinstalled all stacks, themes,etc. No change, very frustrating


Hi Sean,

You still have stacks missing from your RW installation that are needed.

Your first screenshot is of the Notes pages which are not designed to be previewed or published but just act as notes. However, you must have added in a TopBar stack into that page. Can I suggest that until I can figure out what is going on with your installation, that we just deal with the unmodified project file.

However, your last screenshot is very confusing because it looks much like the very old Foundation demo project from about 3 or 4 years ago and I recall that for that Foundation demo project to work, you also had to buy the Jack and Target stacks. So that could explain why that other project is not working. However, that is nothing to do with my Project11 whatsoever. If I have missed the relevance of that screenshot please let me know.

I can see from the last screenshot that you have some Foundation stacks installed such as SiteStyles but not others. My gut feel here is that you don’t have a fully installed Foundation set of stacks and or everything is not up to date.

So in the first instance and assuming you are using Foundation, I suggest doing the following:
Make sure that RW is up to date.
Make sure that Stacks 3 is up to date.
Make sure all of theFoundation stacks are all installed and up to date.
Make sure the latest Foundation theme is installed.

After any update restart RW. I know that this is a pain put this is just how RW works best.

Then let me know via a Private message. We should take this off the public forum so as not to clutter up discussions on this forum. I will send you a private message that you can respond to.


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