Theme suggestion please?

I am looking to replicate this look & feel - I am hoping that someone out here might be able to point me in the right direction, as to finding a similar theme in amongst all the rapidweaver themes that are out there.

  • I’d like to draw attention to a couple things - the ability to flip through these pages with a small amount of text on one side to describe the context of the picture and provide a link to more information, - and quite ingeniously a floating side bar menu to navigate deeper should they wish.
  • The ability for the customer to not leave the size of the page or have to scroll.
  • The ability to showcase an image to the browser window size.
  • The branding ability with the logo being prominent.
  • Lastly the wish is for a responsive site - so if possible a responsive version of this would be great.

I know it’s highly unlikely that there something “exactly” the same as this - however is there something close that is close?

Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction.

Kind regards & Merry Christmas


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looks like you could make something like this with a flipbook application then insert it into RW.

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Mmmm, not easy as that site isn’t a template based site so is totally bespoke.

It could be done but would involve a fair amount of work and quite a few extra stacks.

The slider could use Joe Workman’s MovingBox stack as it can be set to link slides to external links, if you use Joe’s Foundation stacks you could use the side nav in a Target stack linked to the slides. You wouldn’t get the flip book effect though. There is a Foundation project from that has a logo in the centre and a split menu.

I might have a go at recreating it if I get bored over the holidays!

Good luck!

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I think you might be stuck to using a Framework if you want to be as specific as you are with your request (though I could be wrong). If you’re up for it, Foundation or Foundry or UIKit are the most common ones.

A couple of suggestions:

This template from @jochenabitz also has a centred logo setup: and I imagine that you could alter it to make it more prominent

This stack offers a similar animation: and gives the option to go full screen as well.

The tricky part might be that little side-navigation. But if you were able to set a custom link to each image in the booklit stack, then you could probably recreate it reasonably well.


Thanks Devananda, - I’ll look into that. - I typically don’t like inserting things into RW as it adds other complexities such as dealing with responsiveness and page weight. - appreciate the suggestion!

Hi Jonathan,

thanks for that infor - I’ll take a look at Joe’s Foundation stacks - Perhaps that is the way to go - I don’t know that the replicate needs to exactly have the flip page effect - (it’s cute for sure) but I think a slider with nav arrows will do just fine too.

Thanks for the reply and your suggestions - really appreciated

Hi Jason,

thanks for the reply - looks like Foundation or Foundry are the more commonly suggested solution to this design. - I am totally familiar with Stacks (most of my sites are stacks built from the bottom up) If Joe’s video is to be bought at face value - using Foundation is as simple as using stacks. Perhaps I could use some type of menu stack that could replicate the menu on the side as one scrolls through the different slides.

Thanks again - appreciate you taking the time to reply!

It’s eventually as easy as stacks. Some find a bit of a learning curve but I found it to be a fairly quick one. If you do go the Foundation route, I’d highly recommend many of the Big White Duck stacks as well (many are optimised for Foundation) which are free / donation-ware.

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Thanks Jason - I appreciate the feedback. I am definitely not a RW expert, I can handle some basic CSS but that is about it. So I try and stay within the boundaries of reasonable when it comes to ability and is often why I might not purchase a stack that requires a lot of coding knowledge and has more of an (expert rating) for lack of a description.

I had never heard of Big White Duck stacks - so thank you for that pearl too! :slight_smile:

I guess it’s time to explore Foundation and see where I go from there - I’m unsure how Foundry compares, but that was another recommendation.

Thx again

Foundry has a good rep, I just haven’t used it myself to comment on it. Foundation has been around longer and I use the Big White Duck stuff so much, I feel pot committed to Foundation. But, like I said, I haven’t ever heard a bad word about Foundry (and several BWD stacks work with all themes, not just Foundation).

@tav is the man behind BWD - he might even be able to say if your secondary nav is currently possible (maybe with PopDrop, @tav)

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Thanks Jason - thanks for tagging @tav too - I’m sure an expert like that could help point me in the right direction. - @henkvrieselaar has also suggested some nice themes he has - and offered some generous support to help with some css code and stack suggestions to get the desired effect.

Thanks again - always great to learn from others and I appreciate your support in helping me with this project.



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Perhaps I am looking for the solution in the wrong manner - perhaps I should be looking for a slider that can produce a full screen shot like the example and a floating menu that helps people navigate from slide to slide - not sure if that exists or not. Perhaps looking for a theme is too restrictive to the design created in the example:

I think you are right. I would just use Impact, you can put all the foreground content and overlays in it and still have a floating menu at the top, especially easy in Foundation. if you want to recreate that site just without the flip effect. Impacts cross fades are something to behold and if you have nice imagery nothing else really compares.

Thanks @tav - that is a great suggestion - I think it might be the way to go! - I’ll research it some more but I think it might be the ideal solution. - Thanks a ton again.

cheers & Happy Holidays