LoremUtility 2.0 released

(Will Woodgate) #1

Love building websites in RapidWeaver? We do too!

When designing new webpages, a need often arises to quickly prototype things; and this often involves the use of dummy Latin content or placeholder images. Although many online generators exist, the constant monotony of copying, pasting, cleaning and trimming content can leave much to be desired for.

LoremUtility fixes the problem rather conveniently through provision of a random content generator in Stacks. LoremUtility makes the generation of dummy content extraordinarily fast and simple. An essential utility for just about any RapidWeaver user!

Formally a Tsooj Media stack, LoremUtility is now part of the Stacks4Stacks family. Changes in version 2 include…

  • New icons, support links and update checking facilities
  • The parent container and content containers now have class names, for easier custom CSS modification
  • Simplified the editing interface; less visual clutter, easier manipulation of settings
  • Updated some of the informational tooltips displayed on the stack settings
  • Added several additional dummy text dictionaries
  • You can now customise the spacing applied after block paragraphs
  • Added support for ordered (numbered) lists, blockquotes and placeholder photographs
  • Now working correctly over SSL, on secure websites
  • Reset some of the default settings (like CSS image colours)
  • CSS images can now have their labels set to ‘none’
  • Various other minor changes to the underlying source code

LoremUtility is a FREE update for all existing customers - just get in contact with a copy of your purchase receipt to obtain an upgrade coupon code. This stack can be installed alongside older 'Lorem Ipsum Utility’ named stacks. A manual upgrade is required for version 2. Stacks 3 or above is required.

The price of LoremUtility has been frozen at roughly what it was before. So if you’re new to this stack, it’s definitely worth having a play with. It’s another one of these stacks that might initially leave you scratching your head - but once you’ve used it several times you might question why you never had it in your library sooner!

I manage a growing number of websites for private clients in RapidWeaver. Sometimes they want a new page added to a website, but are still in the process of gathering content. In this type of situation, LoremUtility proves invaluable in letting me quickly assemble real page layouts, which the client can access to review. It saves the hassle of 'photoshopping’ countless new webpage designs and permits detailed testing on different screen sizes. For individual designers and small design agencies, LoremUtility could prove to be the perfect workflow companion!

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