Lost Server, now RW Project won't open

I probably published the site to a mounted folder from a server that no longer exists. Trying to open the project results in RW (the system?) trying to connect to a server, and of course failing. It never quits trying, no matter how many times I dismiss the modal dialog.

My project is so near, but so far. I of course have backups of the published site, and I could go into package contents if there was a need, but I really don’t want to have to replicate the many, many, many pages.

Is there any way to open RW without it looking for the site’s source folder/server?

OK, I’m a little confused, where you “published” to won’t matter to RW went you open a project file. I’m assuming you are having issues with opening the RW project file, is that right? In RW7 and up, you can in the publishing settings set a “backup Frequency” to automatically backup the project file to the web server. If you have that set you can get a backup of the project file from the server where you published it. If not and you don’t have another backup (TimeMachine), then you are out of luck. You need the project file for RapidWeaver to open.

Hi @wineguy

Can you email support@realmacsoftware.com please? Tell them I sent you, and attach a zipped version of your project.



I must have been confusing.

I have the project. When I open it a modal dialog box appears saying that the server (xxx) can’t be found. I dismiss the dialog, it returns, ad infinitum.

That the project is trying to open the old server’s mounted folder is my best guess. I am less interested in why, than I am interested in how to prevent the modal from appearing so I may open and work with the project.

I understand what you’re saying. It’s an issue I’ve been trying to track down, and you’ve got a project that does it.

Please share the project with us :slightly_smiling_face:


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