Loving RW7 & Stacks 3

A new four page client website using ‘Kiki Pro’ and ‘Dropkick’. From Zero to handed over to the client in one day.
These are the days of plenty for Weavers everywhere.

RW7 + Stacks 3 is simply out of this world.

Poor @Oscar would have loved this.


Don’t we get to see too?

URL or it didnt happen :wink:

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haha… I love being called out.

But I rarely, if ever, share client sites. I’m much too shy and retiring.


Fair enough.

Speaking of quick turnaround time… I think it’d be fun idea if @dan held a contest among the pro RW’s to design and publish a site. Have a common set some sort of parameters (a common set of resources, for example) and see what they could come up with in 12 hours or something. Then the community could vote on their favourite.

It’d be like an RW version of Iron Chef.

I would be up for that!

I used to be totally into Windows Powershell back from 2006… I was heavily into the community around Powershell and the Microsoft ‘scripting guys’ used to hold an annual scripting games. Ten challenges with only a day or two to solve each then the MS guys would vote and award points to the best/most creative solutions. There were prizes and so on.

Sometimes you used to get to see your ‘idols’ (know what I mean?) getting their pants pulled down in public too.

Such a hoot…

Maybe there could be an annual “Mr or Ms RapidWeaver” contest? But then again… what theme to use…? We all have our favourites I guess.

We could call it The Oscars :wink:

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Now THAT is a great idea!

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I’m sure we could come up with some parameters to work around it. I think it’d be fun. We’d nee to find out what would make an appealing prize (or if bragging rights is enough).

If there was interest, I’d be happy to be on the brainstorming committee.

I reckon that any and all bragging rights would have to reside with RMS and YourHead regardless of the winner(s) :wink:

I like this idea - you’ve got my vote!

This is a wonderful idea… I’m in!


I’m in sounds like it’s going to really be a blast