Mac book M1 Pro

Hello, just finish the migration to a Macbook M1 Pro with Monterey
and got this message.
Schermata 2021-11-02 alle 17.15.16

That error indicates that those plugins aren’t yet working with Apple silicone (M1 chips).

You’ll need to run RapidWeaver under Rosetta.

I don’t know if RapidVeiwer is still supported. If you don’t use them remove them.

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Thanks Doug, in the meantime I have solved erasing and installing a new rapidweaver copy.
Version 8.9.3 (20888) seems works flawlessly.

Let me just say that I am pretty jealous… congrats on the new sexy hardware!


@joeworkman with my purchase of Foundation 6 and the undiscounted Swatches Pack, you should be at least 16% of the way there to a 14-inch, MacBookPro M1Pro.

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