Does anyone know if Rapidweaver 6 works well in the latest Mac OS?

I need to upgrade my OS for my Mac, but am concerned that Rapidweaver 6 will not work in the new OS. I’d prefer not to have to upgrade to Rapidweaver 8. Anyone still using 6 in the current Mac OS?

System Compatibility Notes

If you’re running an older system you can download previous versions of RapidWeaver below.

All versions are available here:

This is not quite what I was asking. What I want to know is: will Rapidweaver 6 work fine on Monterey, OS 12.0? I’m currently running Mac 10.12, Sierra, and Rapidweaver 6 runs great on it. Will I run into problems if I upgrade to Monterey?

The question should be: what are you doing if you run into problems? Why not upgrading to RW8?

I’m hesitant to do this for several reasons. One is that it’s all working perfectly in Rapidweaver 6. I had a huge problem with Rapidweaver 5, which completely corrupted my project file. I could not open it at all, and I have to say the support I got from the good folks at Rapidweaver was “we have no idea what happened or what the problem is” when I sent in the project file. I had to copy/paste everything into the theme again from the online version, and it took me an entire week, during which time I was completely unable to update my website. Once burned, twice shy. I’ve seen numerous comments on the forum of people who upgraded to R8 and then found that X, Y, or Z was no longer working or findable. I also don’t like that when I switched from 5 to 6 for my other non-corrupted sites I had to convert the old projects into a new format. Would I need to do that again going from 6 to 8? So let me ask the question again. Will R6 run on the new operating system?

@Aaron ?

I’ve tested RapidWeaver 6 here on macOS Monterey this morning, and while it does indeed launch and run you’re going to hit issues. If you’re using PHP, you’ll probably find that it doesn’t render locally. I also just ran into an issue while trying to save an RW6 project.

So in short, I wouldn’t recommend it.

We’ve fixed a lot of things over the years to make RapidWeaver run well with Apple’s latest operating systems.

I would strongly suggesting upgrading to RapidWeaver 8.

@Aaron recently created a video showing how to migrate older RW projects to RapidWeaver 8.

Hope that helps!

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