Mac friendly web hosting

(Lawrence Diggs) #23

I had the same experience at HostGator. I went from bragging about their service and talking them up to warning people not to touch them.

What did you switch to?

(Greg Schneck) #24

HostGator is AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL… They shut down my shared “unlimited everything” account for “too much activity”. When I looked at the fine print the “unlimited everything” was “but not if it affects other accounts on the server.” The same week I got a mailing from them with tips on “how to increase your traffic.” I am not kidding. You can’t make this stuff up.

I went to a VPS with InMotion.

(Tom) #26

I’m still using Machighway, have been for years, and continue to be pleased with their plans, pricing and service.

(Rob D) #27

Hey, @Vinnieweaver2, I have switched to VeeroTech Systems LLC (based in North Carolina). The tech sup is excellent – within an hour or so, although there is no help in RapidWeaver-specific matters. I pay $7.95/month for unlimited websites / disk space / traffic. Their cPanel supports “Let’s Encrypt” free SSL/TLS certificates (with automatic renewal) and all usual features like backup, email, SQL database, anti-virus, etc. I only use about 10-15% of all those features.

They also register domains. I’ve only switched nameservers to theirs, but left domain registrations at my old host (they can’t screw up that).

If you decide to get an account with them, please, mention that Rob D. has sent you. :grin: They’re going to ask you how you’ve heard about them. Oh, and let me know, OK?

(Ryan Thorpe) #28

I’ve had no issues with

(Lang) #29

I recommend Siteground. Their support is probably the best you will find anywhere - knowledgeable, attentive, friendly and patient. They also acknowledge not only the existence of Macs but Rapidweaver as well. They even have a turorial on Rapidweaver configuration. See links below.

(Henry Halem) #30

Years ago I switched all my sites (7) to MacHighway. Their support has been excellent. Their pricing is very reasonable and they answer the phone.

(James) #31

(Myron Molnau) #32

I have used and am using both Godaddy for at least five years and A2 Hosting for only a year. Both worked very well with responsive support. My support questions rarely had anything that was Mac or RW specific. If you have a RW problem, you should be going to the RW Forum. I have never had a Mac specific problem so I cannot say how they would handle that although A2 does have some Mac guidance in their FAQ.

(Lawrence Diggs) #33

GoDaddy was a bust for me. I am withA2 now and they have “according to them” issues with for example Apple Mail. They say when ever they have a problem with weird email stuff it is almost always Apple Mail. Forums don’t have access to their servers when something is not working on their end. RW apparently places folders differently than they are used to.

I love and respect the advice and insight from forums. That is why I ask questions on them. That said, it is not the first place I turn when something goes funky on my sites. People on forums often “guess” at answers and the uninitiated, like me, can’t tell. It also can take days before people on forums can give feedback and the crowd souring plays itself out to produce a workable solution.

(John Abraham) #34

Switching from Godaddy to Chillidog now! :slight_smile:

(Lisa Sandler) #35

You won’t regret it :slight_smile:

(Frank Ryan) #36

I tried DV Host as I saw it mentioned in the Forums. They have charged my account for two months running but have not contacted me with logon info, etc., and have not responded to phone messages or support requests. The $ amount is small but it is frustrating. I searched the Forums for insight into this but did not see anything on this. If this is old news that I missed, I apologize. Of course, I do not recommend DV Host.

(Marianne Cook) #37

Hanko I agree - I’ve used MacHighway for a dozen or so years and found them excellent. Their support is great and only offline for a brief period once when one of their servers failed (with great compensation for the inconvenience).

(Linda) #38

I am not so happy with this site. Right now there is little to no information about Rapidweaver 7 on the support site. And the link for contact us is not working.