Mac friendly web hosting

I am looking for a web hosting
service that understand both Mac and RW. Comments or suggestions?

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@barchard runs it and has awesome services and support.


Many thanks for the kind words. Appreciate the support :slight_smile:

@Vinnieweaver2 any questions I can answer or help? Just let me know. Migrations are always free for new users too :slight_smile:


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I don’t think there is such a thing as “Mac-friendly web hosting”. There is nothing specific to Mac platform as far as hosting is concerned (at least I don’t know of anything like that – please, correct me if I’m wrong).

The only difference is made for Mac users by having access to Mac-based software during web development (RapidWeaver + addons) and deployment (FTP clients).

If any hosting site fits the description, it’s Chillidog. Created by a Rapidweaver user and developer, @barchard/Greg is best equipped to help with any RW issues. All too often you see posting here from users using hosts who don’t know how to help.


“Mac friendly” has more to do with the personnel than equipment, though it seems that some software in use on servers do not like Apple Mail. I say this because some hosts have asked me to change to another mail client.

That said some web hosts seem to have personnel that have little experience using Macs. I often have to call back when they have someone who knows about Macs. These “Mac experts” often reveal themselves to have no clue about Macs. That means they will lack competence with RW as well.

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So, in fact, it is a matter of being “RW-friendly” rather than “Mac-friendly”. That I can totally understand and agree that great majority of web hosts got no clue whatsoever.

Barchard, I checked your site. I think I need more storage/bandwidth than your service provides. But thanks.

No. I have issues with my email as well. Their solution was to ditch Apple Mail.


I need more space than their shared hosting provides. It is much less than others, unless I am misunderstanding their value proposition.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’d be surprised if Chillidog didn’t have a plan to suit - I seem to recall he had a high end sort-of-bespoke offering? Maybe not. He certainly fills the bill of being Rapidweaver-friendly has he builds stacks and plugins for RW.



If you contact me directly, I can evaluate your site and make recommendations (for free) :slight_smile:

Typically users use much less space than they think. The platform is built on premium hardware which is designed to be faster than the oversold legacy hardware typically peddled at the big box hosts. I am also a small shop so I don’t have their buying power so that plays into it too.


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The real issue to avoid is getting stuck with one of over 40 web hosting companies that belong to EIG conglomerate (Endurance International Group) which is (in)famous for almost non-existent technical support. Here’s a screenshot with all EIG hosts from about 9 months ago:

You can read about it here.

@barchard I’m interested to know why you don’t have an “unlimited” package to match the other guys, but with the same caveats that they put in - i.e. you don’t get unlimited.

Thanks for this Rob. I was aware of this problem but had no list.

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I recently moved to Fast Comet and am very pleased. They have a lot of really great customer support (they reply within an hour to support tickets).


It is:

  1. misleading and confusing to the consumer
  2. unrealistic (servers don’t really have unlimited disk space)

This is not a business I’d really want to run. I’d rather be open and honest instead of manipulative or misleading. In addition, such a change would:

  1. change the decisions I make. I’d no longer be able to choose quality or make the ‘right’ choice. I’d be forced to always think about the ‘race to the bottom’ and the cheapest option

  2. it would affect the products and services i’d offer. I’d have to look at ways to cut costs instead of enhancing services. For example, disabling backups, not using SSDs, not providing DDOS protection and more.

  3. i’d have to make up the margins elsewhere. For instance, a lot of cheap hosts charge for IMAP support with email. I do not.

I hope that helps explain my point of view. I want to make the right choices for users, not the cheapest. :slight_smile:



I see IX Web Hosting listed here and am surprised. I have used them for years, on a multitude of sites. Their customer service is the best I have encountered from any vendor of any product. I recommend them whole heartedly for any hosting need, in spite of the EIG warning list.

Terry Vosbein

Hi, Terry,

I have used 2 of the listed hosts (“A Small Orange” and “FatCow”) and they were top-notch for years – until EIG bought them and reduced the support staff. The change in support quality has been—literally—as if someone has flipped the switch. One day I was receiving great and prompt support and few days later there was no support for at least 2-3 weeks. And this situation lasted until I abandoned them for another host, which I am now fully satisfied with.

So, my personal experience was very different than yours. Have you tried the tech support at your host in recent months?