Mac os sierra: photoshop 4 and indesign 4?

good morning friends and neighbours, now with the advent of sierra looming over the horizon, does anybody know wether photoshop 4 and indesign 4 will still run under the new os? i’d hate to have to go into life long servitude to adobe with their leasing system :slight_smile:thanks much, tomas

I doubt very much that CS4 will work under Sierra. Nice folks at Adobe are doing everything they can think of to shove their CC subscription plans down our throats. As far as I am concerned, Adobe does not even exist anymore…


hey rob, aka @Rovertek, thanks much for your speedy reply. eing the impatient one i already installed sierra :slight_smile: and i am glad to be able to report that photoshop cs 4 as well as indesign cs 4 are working! lucky me… the only thing i had to install was the older version of javatime. apple itself asked me to do that and gave me the link to download. after that everything workded dandy. i also tried my rw version 7.1. worked also. so all is well. thanks again and cheers,


Thanks for that info, Tomas. That’s good news.

My go-to guide for app compatibility across all OSes


Roaringapps is a site for people reporting what works & doesn’t.
It can be slow to show detail however, especially for obscure or highly specialized apps.

Hi Tomas, I’m in the same situation. Can you please share which version of javatime I should download in order to continue use of CS4?

hi there @houdistrict, i really don’t know. when i started photoshop after the installation of sierra, i got a filed telleing me to download the older version of javascript. i clicked ok and it took me right to the download link. ever since it kept working.
cheers, tomas

I see the comment is 2 months old & the reply 2 weeks old.
Java not supported in Apple software & not recommended.

FWIW: Not sure if poster was aware of this… There is a limited version of Java available from Apple - about 3+ years old, last one I say was dated 2015, which is for people who NEED Java & are not updating due to the neverending vulnerabilities present in Java.