Please fix RapidWeaver 6

To Whom it may concern. Please fix Rapid Weaver.
I am not expecting any help. However, I am getting tired of having to rebuild my websites. I am using Version 6.3.6 (15142) and when I am not losing the pages and resource bar, I’m getting unable to update please duplicate. Now, I went to one of the websites and everyone of the images stacks are empty. Stacks are still there in place but not an image to be found.
I never had issues with RW5 and expected much better from RW6. Only thing is now, instead of setting and forgetting like in 5, I’ve become Mr. Fixit.

I appreciate the opportunity to vent,

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There is an update to RW to 6.3.7 or the new beta 6.3.8 that fixes a lot of these issues (perhaps)

Also, for the update/duplicate message, here is my reply in a previous thread…

Lastly, are you using some sort of “disk cleaning utility” to help remove unwanted files/duplicates or language files? If you are then these cause app problems, stop using it and remove from HDD. Simply restarting OSX fixes A LOT of issues.

Food for thought…


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Brad, thanks for the reply. I do use MacPaw Clean My Mac 2. Do you think it is a problem?


I’m not saying it is the problem, but when I have called for support from Apple, the first thing they do is ask that very question, have you uninstall any of that type of utility and reboot. Then the very next thing they ask is if Little Snitch is installed. They tell you to delete it and restart.

They advise not to use such utilities as it messes with required cache’s during system running and can wreak havoc on your file system. As far as Little Snitch goes - on or off it still is monitoring and can affect data transfer.

If the restart does not fix the issue, the very next thing they tell you is to create a new user account, make it admin, logout of your current account and login as the new account and tell you to try again… By creating a new account you are basically starting with a fresh file system (as it has been told to me by Apple support.)

Usually this fixes all issues

If not, the next suggestion is to do a back up and reinstall the OSX.

Thats my experiences with weird issues with just about any app that is behaving weirdly…


I am sorry for being off topic here but feel it was important. It is in no way meant to be an attack on Brad. Apple isn’t the company it once was… I don’t trust them at all anymore.

I have used Little Snitch for over 10 years. I have NEVER had it cause me a single problem. The developer of Little Snitch is very active developing it all the time. In addition I belong to 2 active Mac BB’s. In all my years at both sites I have never heard of a single issue with it. I use little Snitch to block people from tracking me. I’m darn sure Apple doesn’t want you to block any of the information they want to harvest from you for free… too bad as far as I’m concerned.

If people take the time to learn how to use Little Snitch they will realize they have full control over everything it does. Little Snitch is one of the first programs I install. It would be one of the last I would give up.



I don’t take it as an attack at all :slight_smile: more of a different perspective… I have used little snitch in the past myself for a couple of years but don’t now. I have also used some of those supposed system cleaning utilities and never had a good experience with them at all.

Excellent feedback and thank you for the alternative perspective :slightly_smiling:


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Hi Joe

I and a friend had this issue for a little while, we resolved it by Saving As instead of just Save.

After a few times doing this the problem resolved itself.

Hope this helps