MacBook (M3) Pro has lost RapidBot functioning

I am a basic website maintainer for my church.
I found Rapidweaver a long time ago and used it to create a site and since then to maintain it. I am using RW Classic version 9.2.1.

I have just moved to a new MacBook Pro with Apple silicon from an older Intel based MacBook Pro and RapidBot no longer functions.
Looking at the Foreground support it appears that this plugin only works on intel based Macs.

Is there anything else which performs this function which works on an Apple silicon laptop?
Are Foreground likely to update it to work with Apple silicon?

I look forward to any advice/help available.

Likely not, Foreground are no longer active in the RW ecosystem.

Looking at what the plugin does, it seems to just create a robots.txt file for you and gives you a fancy way of creating rules to add to the file. Both these things can be done manually and pretty easily without the need for the plugin. All you need is a text editor really.

You can run RapidWeaver in Rosetta mode on your new Mac if you really like the plugin and want to continue using it, but it can negatively impact app performance that you would be getting with Apple silicon. Personally don’t think it would be worth it to hinder performance to keep the plugin, but you might be ok with the trade-off.

If you need any help creating new rules to add to your robots.txt file, feel free to ask here on the forum and someone can help you with it. :slightly_smiling_face:


many thanks for the helpful reply.
I will continue with my new laptop and forget RapidBot.

I will research just what I want in my robots.txt file and update it myself.

I may be back for further advice in due course…

My initial research strongly suggests that I no longer need a robots.txt file.

You only need a robots.txt file if there are pages in your project that you don’t want to be indexed by search engines, under any circumstance.

In all other scenarios, a sitemap file will tell a search engine crawler all it needs to know.


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