M1/Silicon version of PlusKit already available...?

PlusKit would be the last plugin which I would need in an M1/Silicon version to run RapidWeaver natively without using Rosetta. Any info if such a version is already available…? @Isaiah ?

Another plugin would be RapidMaps by foreground. But since this plugin is completely gone from their website (actually RapidCart Pro is the only product they’re offering currently) I fear that this nice plugin has been abandoned completely…

RoadMaps is gone…even before M1/Silicon

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I’m in a similar situation am running Rapidweaver 8.9.3 using Rosetta on an M1 Mac.

In my case the plugin is SiteMap Plus. Would love to know when a M1/Silicon version is available.


@isaiah could you let us know if PlusKit & SiteMap are going to be updated for M1/Silicon?

If not please let us know so we can look at alternatives.

Yes I’m looking forward to M1 versions of PlusKit as well as the Ecwid plugin.
I find it a bit odd that these rated most popular yet no further development.

While we’re at it: I’m a big user of the LockDown plugin (locking pages behind .htaccess authentication from within RapidWeaver). This is currently not available in a native Apple Silicon version (so I’m forced to run RW8 through Rosetta because of it).

You’ll probably need to find an alternative. Per this post (last May) Lockdown has been discontinued and there’s not going to be a Universal (M1) build.

This was the last post I could find from @isaiah on the other plugins.


@waynoo It’s unfortunate, but definitely not “odd”. Being amongst the most popular plugins doesn’t mean much for the past few years because … there aren’t that many plugins! For awhile now all the movement has been in Stacks (a plugin). Developers create and maintain stacks, but as you can see there are many many fewer plugins.

That said, hopefully plugins that are still “active” will soon be M1 savvy.


I missed that (also I bought LockDown well after May ‘21. I don’t think I would have had I known this).

My usecase is way too simple to justify SiteLok, but I do need to have individual accounts for my users so Joe’s PageSage’s passcode solution is sadly insufficient.

If anyone has an alternative for LockDown in mind, I’m open to suggestions.

I don’t have this one, it’s pretty new.

But you might have a look at @instacks UserAccess. It looks like you can do a lot.

It’s a bit pricey though when you compare it to sitelok that would have more functionality.


It’s one price for unlimited domains, and you don’t need additional integration stacks for RW.

More functionality like admin web interfaces, self services, and self registration, coming later next year :+1:


@teefers thank you; I’ll look into that!

@instacks will that be a free upgrade for existing users or a new version?

Please don’t ask me now, I even did not start implementing it. Other task have to come first.


You can have as many passcodes as you want in PageSafe. So you can have a passcode for each user. If they leave, simply delete their passcode from PageSafe.


PlusKit is based on some very old libraries which are extremely unlikely to ever see an M1 native build. Because of this, it would take a major rewrite to bring it back as a UB

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Yes Robert, you’re probably right. I’d need Pluskit only for some quite old client sites. So it would even make sense for me to deactivate Pluskit for working on all other client sites “M1-natively” and turning to Rosetta again if I have to work on these old sites.

This is an email I received from @isaiah last month. I don’t think he would object to my sharing parts of it:

Hi Robert,

It’s a tough decision. I thought I would just be able to turn it around quickly, but a reliance on a very specific older version of a library that was available on Intel Macs but not on M1 Macs makes this decision much more difficult. I spent a couple months working on porting the library, but it’s from a very old and long forgotten branch that itself requires many esoteric libraries. It is, in other words, a nesting russian doll of work – with no guarantee that I will find the center anytime soon.

For that reason, the official line is: it’s undetermined. Please keep using Rosetta for the time being.

If it does come back, it will likely require a paid upgrade to cover some of the months of time put in to bringing it back. Unfortunately for me, none of the loghound plug-ins ever comes close to breaking even – so it’s always something I have to do with my spare time as a gift to the RW community.


Thanks for sharing Isaiahs thoughts on this (I’m sure he’s fine with that). Understandable that it’s not of a high priority for him. As long as Pluskit is running fine via Rosetta when I need it I’m fine with that.

I still wonder where the benefits are in running RW “M1-natively” instead of always in Rosetta mode.

Has anyone seen better performance or more stability with “M1-natively” instead of using Rosetta?

Hm, maybe it’s me generally thinking that each app will perform better when being run natively than via Rosetta. Due to my immense workload every second I can save counts, so even if RW is only running a little bit faster (for example when generating the pages when publishing) this will add at the end of the day. Well, maybe… :wink: