Rapidweaver Classic and Sitemap Plus from YourHead is missing?

Hi, I upgraded to the new version of Rapidweaver Classic - but the Sitemap Plus plugin from YourHead doesn’t work… it says: RapidWeaver failed to load some plugins. SiteMap… I have the latest version of the plugin.

Do you also have this problem? In the new version of RapidWeaver Classic all plugins should work.



Is it still the same problem with running RW under Rosseta… still? even after a year it’s not working.

Have you tried running it under Rosetta? That’s the fastest way to check.

I haven’t heard or seen anything on a native Apple M1 version from YourHead (@isaiah ) .

Last post I found

Hi, these stacks do open under Rosetta but that is sad really as it is just another overhead on performance.

Sitemap plus is actually a plugin, not a stack. As far as I know stacks (the plugin) works fine without Rosetta.

A agree it’s a shame that sitemap plus hasn’t been done in the universal build.
In March of 2021 (15 months ago) the status for the Universal build was listed as “ soon “.

Not sure what the timeline for this is now that YourHead is building a RapidWeaver competitive product.

We’ve pinged @isaiah here on RapidWeaver community, and as soon as we get a reply we’ll let you know!

Thank you, for your help!


Pinging @isaiah again to see if we can get an answer on this :crossed_fingers:

Update: We’ve heard back from @isaiah and he’s asking about what to work on next. Be sure to let him know as users Feedback always helps us developers out :+1:

Ok, thanks for the info. I wrote to the discussion.


Great stuff, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

On my M1 MacBook Pro I had to set RW to open using Rosetta.

You do this by right clicking on the RW app and then select “Open Using Rosetta”

After this step, I have not had any issues withe SiteMap Plus.

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 1.08.40 pm