Machighway migration

Hi. I am a very low-information user of RW, so please forgive any wrong terminology. My sites are on Machighway, and there was a planned migration which was supposed to run from 3 pm Saturday until 12 am Sunday. All of my sites are still down, and I haven’t received any information from MacHighway. What is a reasonable time to wait? Should I be worried? My sites are and, if that helps.

Kind of stressing over here.



I’d get in touch with them direct and just ask what’s going on. They’re the ones who’ll be able to give you an ETA - it depends on how complex the migration is I guess. FWIW the sites are still unavailable as I type this at 7.00am GMT in the UK.

I’m in the same situation. I opened a support ticket yesterday morning (around 8 EST) and they did reply very promptly. The message was:

"We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Currently we are facing some issues with the server due to data center migration. This has affected many accounts. At this point, we do not have an estimated resolution time. Our technology team is working on fixing this issue with the highest priority.

We will get back to you with an update as soon as the issue is fixed. Thank you for your understanding in this regard."

No update for you since then. I’m sure they are working hard on the issue. Still, I might have liked regular updates via email/messaging/social media without having to open a ticket.

Hi Tom,

In getting ready to reply to you, I checked again, and I am back up. Hopefully you are too? Thank you so much for writing. It was reassuring to hear from someone in the same boat when the company was so silent. Will you stay with them do you think? This was kind of unnerving.


Still in limbo here … no access. Glad to hear you are back in business, though, Renee. Let’s pray for no more server migrations in the near future!

I’m sorry to hear about this today. I’ve recently received a few requests about migrating to a different host. To answer some of the questions:

  1. emails can not be migrated without the existing host being online
  2. RapidWeaver can, of course, publish to a new host
  3. databases, like email, can not be migrated until the new host comes back
  4. yes, while the host is down, emails coming in will bounce. It would be up to the sender’s mail server to retry delivery. This is why I recommend a Cloud-based email product like Chillimail for business/professionals who rely on email. It’s up even if the server/host is down.

I know it doesn’t help your current situation but, if you or anyone else who is stuck needs help, just let me know.


Thank you, Barchard. I found out the hard way yesterday that I couldn’t migrate my email! I submitted two trouble tickets to Machighway on Monday. Have never received a response. My email is still down and I’m furious at the Machighway’s utter lack of communication. After about a decade, I’m done with Machighway. Their live chat is down and they don’t have any phone support “due to COVID.” Is anybody else still down?

I finally got something of an answer. I called Deluxe for Business Escalations Team (855-791-8966). When they learned I was calling about the Machighway migration, they transferred me to another number. The tech at that number said the migration problem is ongoing and that it would be another 4-12 hours before all the DNS issues are resolved.

I was down until yesterday, Kathleen. All is up and running well now for me. While I would have preferred more regular updates, the support team did respond within 30 minutes of me submitting a support ticket on Sunday. Sounds like the response pattern/communication has been a bit hit or miss.