macOS High Sierra and RW5

fellow weavers,
the next macOS is supposed to run only 64bit apps if i understood that correctly.
does that mean that rw5 wont run at all anymore in the near future?
can you confirm this and maybe povide a workaround?
thanks! ruby

If what you are saying about High Sierra is correct then yes RW will not run on it. Since v6 RW has been 64-bit only. However I believe that High Sierra will run some limited 32-bit instruction. It will however be the last MacOS to do so. RW5 is no longer supported so it will likely not run as it will not be fixed. I am sure @dan can fill you in with further details.

hi flash! thanks for your reply! i now googled some more detailed information on that and it seems that high sierra will still fully support 32bit apps. maybe even the macOS following high sierra :wink: so i can relax and sit back a little longer and use rw5 :wink: also golive by the way…