macOS Sierra and Rapidweaver 7

(Brian LaPan) #1

From Dan (in another thread)

We don’t really recommend you use RW7 with macOS Sierra as we’re only just testing it ourselves so have not had time to fix any issues.

Give us a few weeks and hopefully we’ll have a stable version for you people that like to live on the edge :wink:

(Michael M.) #2

macOS Sierra will be published in Sept or Oct. I never would use an OS beta in a production environment

(Chet) #3

Given the perceived poor QC with Apple software lately, I don’t even use initial stable releases in production environments right away. whomp, whomp

(Kev) #4


Any news about a more stable version of RW for macOS Sierra?



Boy, you’re not kidding. Apple is not what it used to be. :disappointed:

(Kev Rodriguez) #6

Is there a beta version coming out anytime soon?.


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

There is a public beta coming soon

But I am sure there is NO support yet with RapidWeaver, and once it is released, the first question I will be asking people is if they are using the public beta of Sierra. We will NOT be supporting that, until Realmac officially supports it.