OS X 10.14 Mojave compatibility

Has anyone tried running RW under the beta of Mojave yet? Any problems?

Is there a public beta of Mojave out already? I thought it was only for developers…

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Developers only right now

I reckoned there would be developers reading this, which is why I posted the question.

We’re testing it internally and will ensure that RapidWeaver 8 works perfectly with macOS Mojave when it’s released later this year (and yes, RW8 will support Dark Mode!).


I understand that, and trust me, I want to test out the new system and play with the new toys too. But it has only been a couple of days. Most of the time, the developers version is different than the public beta they give to users anyways, so if it works in one, it might not in the other.

OHHHH, Nice new icon!!!

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Thanks, we revealed it a few days ago in this blog post about RapidWeaver 8 :wink:

Exciting times ahead!


Missed that one, thanks for the link!!

How about RapidWeaver 7?

I’d recommend:

  • Try it and see if it works if you have access to the developer releases and are brave enough to install it at this early stage. But obviously don’t be foolish enough to use an early beta for real work.


  • Hang tight and be patient if you don’t have access. These early developer releases are usually very very very different from the final shipping version. It might work, it might crash, it might do crazy things. Early betas tend to be very unpredictable.

RW (and Stacks) will definitely work well with Mojave by the time it ships. And that’s the only thing that really matters. :slight_smile:



Actually, just given it a test and RapidWeaver 7 looks like it’s working fine under 10.14 Mojave. Obviously, this was just a quick test, but the initial signs are good :slight_smile:

P.S. RW7 doesn’t support Dark Mode, however, RapidWeaver 8 will fully support Dark Mode and will look amazing!


The guys at RW are good people! I’d support your decision to spring for a license on that copy of RW. You won’t regret it!

Thanks — good to know! :ok_hand:

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I have run the RapidWeaver 7 demo on Mojave and all seems to be okay.

I suggest updating RW7 before installing 10.14. Don’t ask how I know that.

I concur with @daviddelmonte. I can’t update to 7.5.5 (from 7.5.4) on Mojave. But 7.5.4 seems to work fine.

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