macOS Sierra Beta

@dan Sure you guys are aware of the “crashes on preview” issue in the new macOS Sierra by now ? Been running it on a second machine here since day one.

Is this something you guys need to address, or have you identified a bug that will likely get addressed in Sierra? Or have you just not got to it yet?

(macOS beta 2 is the same deal).

It’s on our list of things to look into, we’ll have a fix out in time for the public beta later this summer.

Sound. I thought it would be pretty unlikely you had not at least had a peek at Sierra yet.

RapidWeaver 7.0.4 fixes this issue, give it a whirl.

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Lovely jubbley. Preview working here again 7.0.4 + macOS.

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@dan Still seeing a little bug in 7.0.4 preview mode.


Enable developer tools in RW preferences.
Preview a stacks page with some arbitrary content.
Right click in the page, and select inspect element.

The result I am seeing:

The page starts flickering wildly. (Like its fighting for space to open the developer console window).
Returning to edit mode and re-previewing does not fix the flickering.
Navigating to any other page and previewing, results in the same flickering being present.

The only way to stop it is to close the project and re-open.

Note: This is in Sierra.

Thanks for the bug report @Doobox :slight_smile:

We’ll look into fixing it, although there might not be much we can do as it’s potentially a Sierra issue. We did discuss removing this feature from RW (especially because we have live preview now).

How are you finding everything else in Sierra? is RW behaving well? Noticed anything else we need to fix?

Thoughts and feedback welcome.

I’d really, really miss a way to view the console in edit mode in a Stacks page. Preview not so much because of the browser preview option.

Haven’t seen any other issues with RW in Sierra yet. Slow, but every thing in Sierra seems at least 2x slower to me, at the moment.

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@Doobox, okay this has now been fixed in the latest beta of 7.1(18052b) available here:

We’ve had to force it to open in a new window, but, hey. at least it works!

Nice one. PopOut’s just fine.