MagicMagellan2 and keyboard control

(Jerome) #1

Hi everybody,

I try (tried) ton find some javascript to ossociate Magicmagellan2 marker with keyborad key.
Like : Next marker = keydown , previous marker = keyup
Any idea ?

Thx !!

(Andrew Tavernor) #2

The magellan component of Foundation that MagicGellan utilises behaves like pretty much all scroll to marker implementations. That is, it has no knowledge of all the relative positions of the markers on the page and the current position (i.e. which two markers it is between). It merely finds the marker required and scrolls it to the top of the page.

The concept of goto next marker therefore is not possible as the code does not know which is the current marker.

While this is certainly possible, it would be very processor intensive as you would have to calculate the current position relative to all the marker positions with every scroll event. That is highly likely to lead to scrolling performance degradation.

Usually, keyboard controls are provided for accessibility reasons but given that scroll to marker behaviour is really just an augmentation of the page and not core functionality (i.e. people can still scroll the manual way) then it explains why doing such additional processing is not a good idea.

(Jerome) #3

Yes I understand, totally logical, thanks a lot for the explanation.