Magnificent 9 deal- cheaper than an upgrade?

So if I get the Magnificent 9 deal it’s cheaper than upgrading my RW7 to RW8.
But will I be able to register what is in effect a new full version of RW to my old RW7 account?


I Don’t know what this is, could you give us a bit more information?

It’s a sales campaign realmac sent out today. 9 appllications for about 59$.

Yes that’s it. It’s come from Realmac to my inbox. It’s a pretty good deal, I just don’t want to start up a new Realmac account.

I actually don’t understand your term “Realmac account”. As far as I know you don’t have to open a “new” Realmac account (whatever that means). Buy the bundle or the RW8 at 50%, install it, put in the licence code and open your RW projects with RW 8. They will be converted and you can even keep the “old” versions and you can keep your RW 7 program and licence and work with that if anything goes down the drain (which should not happen with RW 8).


I think that the only “account” you have with RealMac is the “paddle” account (your email address). I suppose you could use a new email address?

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Great thanks for your help. RW8 it is then. I have a huge Nick Cates theme for my website that is going to need sorting soon so I need to get moving on it.

Just be aware that Nick Cates does not offer any themes or anything else for RW any longer. So you might want to switch to another theme or a framework to avoid future incompatibilities…

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