RW7 ! is it free?

Hi All, that has taken me quite a while to get used to the differences between RW5 and RW6 and now there are strong rumours that RW7 is nearly upon us.

Can i please ask, is it going to be a FREE update, if it is paid for ?, i can tell you ?, that i dont approve, please leave it a little longer before you do release RW7


I don’t think that RW7 is nearly upon us. It won’t be here until next year. No timeframes have been given. I do not think that it will be (or should be) a free upgrade.


I agree with Joe…

Pretty sure that it isn’t compulsory to upgrade so you can wait as long as you like.


We were talking about RW6 for a VERY long time before it appeared. I’d be surprised if RW7 was available in the next 18 months.

Thanks chaps, i asked for that LOL, a stoopid question in the first place.

Personally, now that it doesn’t crash, RW6 is plenty good enough for me :sunglasses:


What’s worse than free updates:


Quite so, @isaiah, I once thought i might make a living from web design until I ran into just that sort of attitude!

You might be surprised :smile: Still plenty to do before RW7 launches, but 18 months time we may well be talking about RW8 :wink:

I can not believe people would ask NOT to release a new/version update. THATS ASTONISHING! Sooner the better. The web waits for no-one.

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I’m sorry to say that Realmac don’t always help themselves when you can get rapidweaver 6 with 9 other apps for $17.99 U.S.

You have to value your own work before you can expect anyone else to.

@Bazza I suggest you listen to Episode 10 of the PodCast (around the 25 minute mark), they give a great explanation about it, and a way to get money back, if you have recently purchased RapidWeaver and then find a bundle. Might help to know some background info.

I’ not personally that bothered Zeebe, though I appreciate the link and the attitude of RMS. The point I was trying to make is that I don’t think give aways of your core product are a good idea, but it’s Realmac’s decision and If it works for them, who am I to disagree.

@Bazza, I completely agree that it is most common for people to attribute the perceived value a product based on what they paid for it.

I can speak from my own experience and say that I am unlikely to use many on the apps I got in a bundle because most of them were just justifications for me buying the bundle to get a single app.

However, I do see the value in participating in programs/platforms that allow for a large number of purchases. The iOS App Store is a great example of how this kind of distribution can be effective.

Mojang developed the MineCraft Pocket addition and released it for $6.99 after spending a substantial amount to develop it. Why would they value their software at such a low cost? Because the App Store is a platform that put it in the hands of hundreds of thousands of users in the blink of an eye.

It is highly unlikely that the 5.8 million downloads that occurred in 2012 are all still active users, but the $40.54 Million dollars that was generated in that year allows for the growth of Mojang, Apple, and the various companies that are involved in the supply chain.

Lets say that a bundle of 10 apps that is $17.99 and has 2,000 purchases. That would be just under $36,000 in gross revenue. Perhaps the distributor takes 30% like Apple so there is just over $25,000 for the developers. If split equally amongst the developers then a 1 - 2 week promotion generates ~$2,500 in Net profit that likely wouldn’t have occurred otherwise.

Again, I do not disagree that the price people pay for something has a huge impact on the perceived value. Just that this is good business and is actually helping out us users who continue to thrive through the growth and success of Realmac as a company.

Also, I acknowledge that you likely know all this already and apologize if my response is a bit long winded. I figured I would be detailed for those users who have a similar view of bundles but may not have listened to the podcast and/or are unfamiliar with how bundles work.



@timmytoad, in a recent podcast the team noted that they do not have a set timeline for a 1.0 release of RW7.

They have set hard deadlines in the past and feel that it can truly have a impact of the quality of the product they are able to release. Hard deadlines may result in feature cuts and slips in quality assurance.

If there are rumors of a imminent release then I would imagine they are actually referring to the public beta of RW7 that the RealMac team is looking to initiate before the end of the year.

I know that I would personally love to participate in the beta of RW7 as I am and have always been an early adopter who is familiar with the pros and cons of the various points in a product life cycle.

However, many users will likely desire to hold out until a 1.0 version is release.

Only time will tell what the future truly holds.

Here’s to another 10 years of RapidWeaver!

Here’s to another 10 years of RapidWeaver!
BrandonCorlett yeah and so say all of us, I love RW more than anyone will ever know, i only use it for my own web site, RW makes it so easy for ME, who doesnt really know much about making web sites, to make a dammed good Web Site !.

I now need more motivation LOL


Lol, I agree that RW makes it super easy to build a site. I went from iWeb to RW and I still can’t believe that I used to have to change themes on a page by page basis.

To be honest it wasn’t until @joeworkman introduced Foundation for RapidWeaver that I truly submerged myself in web design.

This is because with Foundation I was able to practice building sites by finding sites I likes on the www and rebuilding them using Foundation. It wasn’t long before I realized that my rebuilds were actually performing better than the original site :smile: