Formloom 3 with RW7 - error "mail function"

I updated my site to RW 7 and I can’t send any messages via Formloom 3.

Error: The following addresses had problems, Could not instantiate mail function.

But no address is shown. I can’t find out what the problem is. Nothing has changed. Any suggestions?

no idea what the problem is but can confirm that Formloom 3 does work with RW7 - I have about 10 sites updated from 6 and they’re all Ok

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Was there an update for FL 3 for RW 7??? I bet there was, maybe check to see if that is the issue.

I have Formloom 3 version 3.0.9 which is latest version.

Maybe it is php problem? My provider runs php version 5.5 as default. Does Formloom need a newer version that that?

Shouldn’t, I have used it on 5.4, but not sure as I have not used it since Stacks 3

I am having the same issue. Any fix on this?